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So Many Copywriters Were Press-ganging The Superlative Rolls Royce Product Into Service...

You may be interested to know that until a few years ago, so many copywriters were press-ganging the superlative Rolls Royce product into service in this context that the company broke its characteristic silence and promised, I believe, to start suing the offenders. And rightly so.

4 There can be no doubt, people do read copy. But one or two businessmen I know, for instance, say they never read ads - more pertinently, perhaps, they say they never read mailing shots. They then go on to suggest that nobody else does, either. This sort of stupidity ranks alongside those who maintain that they are absolutely and totally uninfluenced, in any shape or respect, by advertising.

In one way or another everybody is influenced by online advertising - although the exact how, why, when and where is indefinable. And, at some time or another, everybody reads body copy - including that which is contained in mailing shots. 5 A coupon will be responded to only if your major proposition is sufficiently tempting.

Unquestionably, there are enough compulsive fillers-in of coupons about to save you, most times, from the disgrace of a zero response. But your client will be looking for 'coupon conversions' - eventual sales - not a co-entry in the Guinness Book of Records with someone who has a roomful of said client's colour brochures. /THINK THEREFORE I AM Jr Copy philosophy People starting in this business are wont to tell me that every rule of grammar they ever learned is completely redundant in advertising.

They also point out, quite acidly, that decent English is not only disregarded, but also has no place whatsoever in copywriting. Who am I to argue? But I will anyway. What I suggest we do, to try to show that copy English shouldn't necessarily be synonymous with slovenly English is establish a number of fundamentals. First Let's establish between us that grammar is made for man - and not the other way around. Let us also say that language is a living thing which certainly must have rules, but just as certainly shouldn't be hindered by them.

Someone once said that changes in language are the result of years of inventive illiteracy. This may very well be true, but I maintain that copy can be inventive without loss of basic scholarship. Second Let's determine exactly what we're attempting to do when we write copy. No bones about it, we're doing our best to communicate with a lot of people who genuinely do not want to play our game.

Third In the so doing, we are forced to make contact via the minimum number of words, in order that the reader will get the message with the minimum effort on his part. Fourth Were we to adopt a strict grammatical stance, or a rigid syntactic strategy, we'd lose the reader mid-yawn. Every sentence would read as though it fell from the nib of Thackeray which, however sadly, would be received with a profound ho-hum by the readers ofyour average daily paper. Such usage would be an abusage of the punter.

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