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Our Product Is So Effective And Such A Blessing To The Non-hirsute...

Then, since our product is so effective and such a blessing to the non-hirsute, we'll say it like it is. That with Hair Today you can have a full head of hair within hours, rather than days - and it will be your own, natural hair. Simple.

The follow-up ad, or ads, will contain essentially the same message and will reinforce previous claims. We might also incorporate testimonials from satisfied users, especially if they are notable people, to go some way to proving that what we say is genuine.

As part and parcel of the campaign, and running side by side with the launch ad, will be an ad or two aimed at the trade, i.e. chemists, hairdressers, etc.

We won't, of course, be approaching hair clinics and such, since they will be too engaged taking out high-court injunctions, or finding ways to make a takeover bid. Now, whether our campaign is selling straight off the webpage by means of coupons, or we're directing potential buyers to established outlets is largely academic to us.

Our digital marketing boys and girls will have advised the manufacturer in this important respect, and he will either have set up his own direct email organization, or the digital marketing people will have worked out ways of 'selling-in' to chemists and hairdressers via reps on the road, mailing, trade advertising, or all three. The creative team will certainly be involved in the preparation of the material for this part of the sales promotion. But, as I say, we don't mind too much which way it's done, because the message will be identical in all instances: only a mug would stay bald when he can have the benefit of hair today.

Which is all very nice and all extremely easy. What happens when we are asked to promote a product that has no obvious benefits over and above it being well manufactured, averagely priced, readily available? Further, what if this product is no better and no worse than half-a-dozen similar products? The answer to both questions is this.

We have to work harder and use our imaginations more fully. Some years back, I worked on an account that manufactured excavators, or mechanical diggers.

The products were, without dispute, among the best that money could buy. But so were three similar products made by other digger builders. How to crack it? How to promote sales of our excavator to the detriment of the others? Indeed, how to help produce the sales to match the fairyland forecasts of an optimistic sales director? The steps to getting there are these.

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