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With The Customer Benefit: So There's Loads More Room...

With the customer benefit: So there's loads more room for passengers. Loads more room for luggage.

And loads more room for loads more. Now we cover the remaining selling points: But, remarkably, it costs no more than an ordinary estate-car. Running economy? Outstanding. Even fully loaded, you can expect - and get - an impressive 45 kilometres to every gallon.

Just as impressive is the price. £5000 is all. Not a lot to pay for what you get.

At this point, we may be required to give some technical detail about steering, braking, road-holding, etc. But we will do that only if forced - because there will be, or should be, reams of manufacturer's literature for the punter to get his hands on.

One way of avoiding the penning of acres of facts and figures is to make comparisons, where possible, with other, previously launched Viking models. In which case, we'd say something to the effect of: The Viking GL estate has the same superb steering, braking and road-holding qualities as the triedand-tested Viking saloons. Positive, safe and completely reliable.

Not much more, though. Finally, we need a pay-off. Something to galvanize the reader into viewing the Viking at close quarters. So: Why not find out more? And if you like what you see, take a test-drive. Your local Viking dealer has all the facts and all the figures.

Or call this number. We'll arrange that test-run at your home. You may feel that we require a final statement which sums up the vehicle in concise terms. This queue should major specifically on the capacity story, yet still suggest that its size is no hindrance to handleability.

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