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You Certainly Don't Expect Them To Go Bust...

You certainly don't expect them to go bust at your considerable expense. Wait for it: In short, you don't need cowboys.

And now for the service: Which is why we've formed the KSA. The Kitchen Specialists Association. An organization specially set up to protect your interests. Our members are carefully vetted.

We accept only those with a record of good workmanship and fair dealing. The USP: Better still, in the unlikely event of problems, we step in to sort things out on your behalf So the very next time you talk to someone about a-fitted kitchen, make sure he's a member of the KSA. Or give us a call for our approved list. That way, you won't get bushwhacked! KSA (logo) Address/Telephone The possibilities, here, for good puns are practically endless.

Thus, you may wish to perform some wordplay around kitchens. WITHOUT KSA YOUR KITCHEN CABINETS COULD HAVE ONE MORE CATCH THAN YOU BARGAINED FOR Now, it may just happen that the client also wants to run an ad which recruits fitted kitchen specialists into his organization. In that event, the approach must obviously be different - though none the less authoritative: IF YOU CAN'T STAND THE HEAT STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN Plus copy that says: That's what we tell firms who apply to join our organization. The Kitchen Specialists Association.

We're here to monitor the work of fitted kitchen craftsmen. And to help them make a better name for themselves. It's good for the industry. It's good for your customers. It's good for you.

And so forth. To change the subject somewhat - and in order to furnish as diverse a set of examples as possible in this section - let us now ponder the problems of promoting the legal profession.

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