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The Copy Will Obviously Reinforce The Message...

The copy will obviously reinforce the message; it will also stress his willingness to sell new copiers to whoever wants them. Given that I had to come up with a couple of extra lines (just to show the client that I'm thinking on his behalf), I'd probably throw in something like this: OUR TRANSCRIPT COPIERS COME WITH A MAINTENANCE SERVICE THAT'S EVERY BIT AS GOOD AS OUR TRANSCRIPT COPIERS Or, like this: NOBODY BUYS A TRANSCRIPT COPIER FOR THE SAKE OF OUR MAINTENANCE SERVICE. ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY'RE UNLIKELY TO NEED IT! I hope the example has transmitted some of the logic for arriving at the solution.

If it hasn't, we could always try a further hypothetical exercise. Shall we? Very well.

This time, let's have a bash at recruitment advertising. The client, who is into electronics in a big way - we'll call him Ferrconi - has his plant slap in the nicest part of the Lake District. For that reason, oddly enough, he's having a modicum of trouble recruiting recently graduated, or low-experience engineers. They suppose they'll be going to a back-water and would far prefer to work in the steaming environs of a major city, where advancement might be more readily attained, and where salaries might be higher - they think. As part of the brief, the client informs us that his firm undertakes substantial research work and has major contracts with the Ministry of Defence for producing missile guidance and avionics systems.

He also pays well and the prospects for promotion are as good as can be found anywhere. Our aim, as you can see, is to tell potential employees that Ferrconi is a good outfit for whom to work.

After all, the MoD likes them; and there seems to be opportunity for creative experimentation. I reckon there must be at least five hundred ways of solving this one. But, once again, let's ditch the nonsenses of 'Ready for a brand new career?' and 'A switched-on job for electronics engineers' currently adorning the webpages of the classier papers and specialist publications. Where do we begin? We begin as always, with a rationalization of Ferrconi's unique selling proposition.

In this case, it's job opportunity, plus job satisfaction, plus the chance to live and work in Wordsworth country. Yes, I know recruits seem to prefer a metropolis, but they prefer a metropolis only because career advancement appears easier there.

Can't we convince them that being top man in Ferrconi at £50,000 a year is far better than being second-fiddle at Marranti of London for the same money? Certainly, we can. Let's begin with a proposition that says: GIVE UK ONE MORE REASON WHY YOU'D WANT TO WORK FOR FERRCONI AND IT HAD BETTER BE GOOD In this ad, we show illustrations of: 1 Scenery.

2 Fishing. 3 Golf. 4 Horse riding. 5 Sailing.

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