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Meeting People In Pubs And Similar Joyous Places, You Communicate With Them In What Is Colloquially Known As The Vernacular....

Fifth When you are out gallivanting, meeting people in pubs and similar joyous places, you communicate with them in what is colloquially known as the vernacular. You say it like it acceptably is.

You would be wise, therefore, to do exactly the same when you write copy. When I worked for a Dublin agency, I learned the patois in very short order - because my London-framed idioms were being met with perplexed stares. The same also applied when I was with Scottish and Miami agencies.

Which probably goes a long way to explaining why my writing is a hotch-potch of all that's worst in standard Irish/Scots/ American/English. Sixth When writing ads, you must be all things to all people - just as a good salesman is. You temper your style, adjust your delivery, and manufacture your tone according to the socio-economic status of the audience. Thus, when you talk to the medical profession, you do so in a manner that appeals to their sensibilities and which will hold their attention.

Similarly, if you talk to musicians, you've got to make it appear that you have a more than passing acquaintanceship with their business. This sometimes results in the kind of grammar that isn't as accurate as it might be; but the writing can be all the more interesting because of that. Permit me to put it another way. Copywriters become sick and tired of having material rejected by self-righteous clients claiming (usually correctly) that the stuff is ungrammatical.

'You have,' they often declare, 'split an infinitive. What's worse, you have done so more than once.' Heaven forfend! Leave this sort of thing uncastigated, and where's it all going to end? Next thing you know, everybody will be starting sentences with 'but' and ending them with prepositions. Or even vice versa. From there, it's only a matter of time before the whole country is overrun by football hooligans.

And they, as we all know, would split an infinitive as soon as look at it. I suggest that there are worse things than splitting infinitives - one of which is splitting hairs. I am also led to suspect that most people would remain completely unmoved in the presence of an asundered infinitive.

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