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You Will Come To Discover That These People May Take A Different View...

You will come to discover that these people may take a different view of that deathless script you put together back in the office. You will very quickly learn that whatever you write can be interpreted in a dozen different ways. You will come to realize that subtle script changes, vocal inflection and pace of delivery can give lift to even the dullest of scripts.

And when you work with certain artists on a regular basis, you will write specifically for their voices. But whether you're working with a big name or a sixtyquid-an-hour voice over hack, always keep it in the back of your mind that both have probably forgotten more about microphone technique and camera presentation than you are ever likely to learn.

Rule 11 A good copywriter is someone who does unique things of which nobody would expect him capable. THROB t 12 Exercise conclusions Press exercise conclusions from section 7 I'll run through this exactly as each thought hit the button. I've made just a few attempts in each case - but that doesn't mean thatyou shouldn't do at least a dozen of each. The first, the Z60 PC. Exercise 1 £190 SAYS YOU CAN WRITE A BEST SELLER Or perhaps: INSTANT AUTHORSHIP: £190 Better still: THE Z60 GIVES YOU FREELANCE FREEDOM WITH PROFESSIONAL RESULTS FOR JUST £190 The copy almost writes itself: 182 The Z60 is what you might call the definitive portable PC.

In fact, it's the first ever completely cordless electronic PC. It's small enough to use on the plane, train or bedside table.

And light enough to go anywhere you go. Versatile? Certainly! There's a choice of type styles. Plus a fifteen-character display and a one-line memory - to help prevent mistakes. And to put them right when they happen. Etc.

The final queue could read something like this: We're not saying you'll always get published. But you'll always get read. And now to the Vulcan 10 copier. Exercise 2 THE VULCAN 10 IS MADE FOR SMALL BUSINESSES YOU COPY? Alternatively: THE VULCAN 10 IS DESIGNED FOR SMALL BUSINESSES . . . SMALL BUSINESSES . . . SMALL BUSINESSES . . . The latter is more for fun than for a serious sales pitch, so we had better take the whole thing a mite more soberly: Exercise conclusions 183 SMALL BUSINESSES ARE MULTIPLYING RAPIDLY WITH THE VULCAN 10 COPIER With appropriate copy, of course. The Vulcan 10 is one of the smallest and lightest plain papercopiers on the market.

It's just 20 inches by 20 inches by 8 inches and weighs under 8 lbs. Yet it produces up to 2000 perfect copies at one loading. Which makes it ideal for small business premises. Or for people working from home.

And the Vulcan 10 is as versatile as they come. Because it not only reproduces in five different colours. But also copies on to any kind of paper. On tissue.

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