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Including The Names Of Copy Chiefs...

Including the names of copy chiefs and creative directors. Arguably, any job-hunter with a name to contact, plus a good background knowledge of the firm he's approaching, will be several lengths ahead of the idle character who has not bothered his head to find out these things. Having done that, you will reply to every relevant recruitment ad in Campaign and your local paper. And you will do so even when they are only looking for a production assistant or a lowly traffic wallah. Because once you're in, you're in - and you'll be better placed to prove what you can do from the inside.

You will also begin to frequent the 'advertising' pubs in your area; and the names of every creative director and copy chief of local agencies will be indelibly engraved upon your mind, because one day you are going to bump into them. The name of that game is research. The third stage is homework. What I mean is that to properly call yourself a writer, you'll have to do some writing.

So write. Write articles.

Write plays. Poetry. Short-stories. Radio talks - anything.

Above all, write ads. Set tests for yourself by re-thinking the better ads in the papers. Produce new 194 headlines; crack out new copy; devise new tag-lines. Right now, in all probability, you are questioning the efficacy of writing the non-advertising material - and why on earth shouldn't you question it? Here's the answer, or rather the answers. First, you're writing to exercise your mind, your vocabulary, and to develop a style.

Second, you are doing so in the hope of getting published. Third - and perhaps the noblest reason - because you have come to like it.

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