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If You Ever Feel The Need To Use A Four Letter Word In Copy...

If you ever feel the need to use a four letter word in copy, I would suggest you choose the far more emotive and sales-getting 'free'. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I can be as voluble as the next bloke. But I am always well aware beforehand that my audience will accept my vulgarities. To chuck four-letter words at the wrong audience exhibits a lack of courtesy, a want of finesse and a dearth of imagination. Also, in their own peculiar way, those eff and blind words have their own peculiar values. So let us not devalue them.

12 Conversational copy - small talk or selling dialogue? I notice that more and more writers are using dialogue in press copy. You know the sort of thing. There's a picture of the managing director waving a stern finger at the sales manager, and he's saying, more or less: 'Now look here, Charles, if we don't deliver those parts to Messrs Cranshawes in Somerset by the morning, we'll lose the entire order.' But Charles, being nobody's old mug, has thewhole situation buttoned up: 'I've already sent them off with Express Despatch - they'll deliver on time.' Yes, you do know the sort of thing.

Used in strip-cartoon form, conversational copy is quite effective - if a touch puerile in the eyes of some markets. However, when dialogue is translated into the body copy of an ordinary ad, complete with para indents, speech marks, dialectal language and all, things usually take a turn for the idiotic. It's difficult enough writing dialogue in novels, where you have all the space and, therefore, all the opportunity in the world to explore every thought at great length. But in ads, where space is strictly limited, the sell has to be developed with some immediacy. This usually results in conversation so contrived that no human being would be capable of delivering it.

Which has the result that no human being is prepared to believe it. What am I trying to tell you? Should you avoid conversational copy like the small-pox.

Not at all. But always remember there is a certain thing called immunization. 13 Radio and Sky - the basic principles apply We've spoken very little about radio and Sky advertising; and for good reason.

Just because I won a Grand Prix at the Cork Film festival (for Kerrygold butter - and, I believe, the only one held this side of the Atlantic); it doesn't I 78 follow that I am by any means an authority. But, very largely, all I have said about the fundamentals of press copy applies in this area also. If you are fortunate, if you have an ear and an eye for it, you will be invited to studios to see your work produced. Indeed, you may even get the opportunity to produce the material yourself - which is a chance you should unreservedly take. Working with professional voice over artists, broadcasting personalities and musicians is a most rewarding experience.

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