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Even On Wrapping Paper...

Bond. Bank. Even on wrapping paper . . . Exercise 3 Which brings us, finally, to the Cogent 11 calculator. My contribution runs thus: THE COGENT 11. DOES MORE THAN A CALCULATOR. COSTS LESS THAN A COMPUTER Along with: THE COGENT 11. A SMALL-BUSINESS COMPUTER AT A SMALL-BUSINESS PRICE If the client will wear it, we might suggest: 184 HOW TO RUN A ONE-MAN BAND AND NEVER FORGET THE SCORE Or maybe: THE MAGNUM OPUS FOR ONE-MAN BANDS But I much prefer either of the following: INSIDE EVERY COGENT 11 SMALL BUSINESS COMPUTER THERE'S A BIG BUSINESS BRAIN And: A BIG-BUSINESS COMPUTER FOR AROUND HALF THE COST? THAT'S ABOUT THE SIZE OF IT (Picture: Cogent 11 in the palm of a hand.) The Cogent 11 is our way of putting a full-scale computer into the hands of the small-business user. Literally.

Can't afford a computer? Oh, yes you can. Because the Cogent 11 costs around half the price of a conventional computer. Yet it can handle all your business affairs. From stock control to sales projections. From invoicing to profit and loss accounts.

Just like the one you can't afford. You simply plug into an ordinary Internet screen for a full visual display of 90 characters by 24 lines.

And any compatible printer will take full advantage of the 64K memory . . . Exercise 4 Trans-National Coaches. Here we go: GONE ARE THE DAYS WHEN YOU COULD TRAVEL FROM LONDON TO EDINBURGH FOR £11 TRUE OR FALSE? False. The single fare from London to Edinburgh by a Trans-National coach is just £11. Considerably less than you pay for any other kind of public transport.

In fact, it's £24 cheaper than rail. And a full £84 less than by air.

We take you to Edinburgh every day. Twice a day. We pick you up from literally dozens of stops in London en-route. And we put you down in Edinburgh. Safe and sound.

Our coaches are modern and always spick and span. You travel in comfort - with reclining seats, and personal lighting and heating system. The seating arrangement gives you plenty of room to stretch out and relax. Trans-National Coaches.

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