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Even If . . . It's Only . . . To Leave Home...

Even if . . . it's only . . . to leave home.' Script 3 A gushing female voice over, a la the new breed of Internet and radio Agony Aunt. Lots of 'chin-up, it's not as bad as you think, girls' inflection. FVO: 'Hello, everybody - it's me again.

Tell me, what will you be giving the chap in your life this Christmas? A tie? A pair of socks? A season-ticket to the local? Now that's not very imaginative, is it? Take my tip, pop into Alexander Mason's Hardware Store in Centipede Road, Crawley and get him something from the simply wonderful range of Stanley tools. The address once again: Alexander Mason's Hardware Store, Centipede Road. It's a Stanley tools cornucopia. Of course, there's a method to all of this. He can't build your new kitchen units with a pair of socks - can he, my dear?' Except for one instance, I have deliberately neglected to mention prices.

This is because I doubt the usefulness of nominating prices in radio commercials. The practice may be tolerable where one product and, therefore, one price is involved; but I maintain that listeners will not absorb them in quantity. Televison gets away with it, of course, on the grounds that the prices are also visually displayed - which aids memorability. Even so, I'm not crazy about the idea.

So there you have it. I trust that you are happier with your efforts than you are with mine? Well, that's exactly the way it should be. Tri-i- /116., PEE - WHY PO YouWANT To WORK FOR 4044, BAKER ,colint AND EpwARPS? 13 Getting the job and keeping it I rather hope that, by now, you will have a better than fair idea of what it takes to lift copy-work out of the ordinary. I shall be pleased, too, if even the well-initiated have gained something from the preceding pages.

But what of those who aren't gainfully employed in a copy-shop? What exactly does it take to land that elusive job? The way I see it is that, first, you must have a genuine understanding of what has already been said. (Which is the reason I've held this section until the end.) And, second, you ought to have some guidance on your methods of approach to prospective employers. Here it is.

There are close to nine hundred ad agencies in the UK. I also have it on good authority that there exist some three thousand companies possessing substantial in-house publicity/marketing departments - all of whom, at one time or another, initiate copywriting. This material either comes from within, or from freelance sources. Couple these with several thousand freelance design groups and freelance copy outfits, and you have a sizeable market in which to tout your services. But hold fast. It's a sad fact of life that the chances of being taken on by any of them, unless you have some experience, are not good.

Just as maddening, you can't expect to have 191 192 experience unless someone employs you and gives you the chance to gain it. It's the classic catch 22. But let's be honest, you'll hit the same basic snag no matter what new queue of employment you go after.

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Fortunately, things aren't as black as may first appear. There is a workable solution to the problem. To put it simply, you manufacture your own experience.

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Including the names of copy chiefs and creative directors. Arguably, any job-hunter with a name to contact, p...

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Including the names of copy chiefs and creative directors. Arguably, any job-hunter with a name to contact, plus a good background knowledge of the firm he's a...