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All Of It Is Geared Towards Honing Your Creativity And To Eventually Having Something Concrete To Present...

All of it is geared towards honing your creativity and to eventually having something concrete to present to a future employer. It's one of the elements of your experience-gathering exercise. Do not, therefore, allow your efforts to lie around gathering dust. Send them off to publishers and editors; even if the only response you elicit is a swift and uncompromising rejection slip.

A copy chief will look more kindly upon someone who has at least made the effort, whether he has succeeded or not. Whatever the case, you'll have gained the experience of making submissions to publications and possess bundles of printed manuscripts; and that's a talking point any way you look at it.

Again, the public library will have a copy of the Writers and Artists Year Book, an invaluable reference for determining where and how to sell manuscripts. It won't be easy in the beginning. Let's be honest about it, getting published is no walkover.

Eventually, though, your efforts are bound to be rewarded - perhaps by some poor editor who finds it more expedient to capitulate in the face of your unflagging persistence. Very well, you are armed with a dossier of information about the agency you mean to approach. You have all the names of the top people, their positions, and a rundown on the agency's clients.

But why have you chosen this agency in Getting the job and keeping it 200 particular? You've chosen it because you have seen its work, have heard or read good reports about its managers, and like what you see. You haven't chosen it because it's only a four-penny bus-ride from where you live. I hope not - I sincerely hope not! You also have a substantial bundle of practice copy, along with other examples of your work - published, or not.

So now you can make your job application pitch (we're assuming, of course, that you haven't suddenly got lucky and been invited to attend an interview as a response to a situations vacant ad.) Are you ready? Fine. Now make your pitch in writing. Try phoning or turning up to see a copy chief or a creative director out of the blue and see what you get. What you'll get is right under his skin.

The nett result of which will be a fobbing-off or, at worst, a point-blank refusal ever to see you 'again. And that's just what you don't want.

Clearly, you cannot afford to upset anybody at this stage in the game. So, as mentioned, write; and write direct to the copy chief or the creative director with a request for an interview. You will also give them information - apart from the obvious things like age, sex, and present occupation - that tells them how you've been working at becoming an agency writer, and why you want to be one. On the latter point, don't mention money.

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