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They Probably Do It Deliberately...

They probably do it deliberately and with intended malice. They take cliche to the point of embarrassment; and they honour puerility by hanging it on the back of a national advertiser. Witness the recent series for British Airways which, in one of its offerings, had a stewardess flying around completely unaided and generally behaving like one of those cloaked super-heroes from a bad fifties movie. With all that money to spend, one would have thought that the film-makers could at least have got the back-projection looking right. As it stood, it was amateur-night.

But, then, so is the whole concept. What the air-travelling public thought of it all, I can only guess. I could tell you what the cabin-crews thought, but the law on obscenity precludes it.

How did this silly idea get past first-base? Or, indeed, past the first paper-shredding machine? All it achieves, to my mind, is to make BA look like a bunch of BFs. By striking contrast, take the campaign of a while ago 162 for Radio Rentals. The Heathcliffe', the 'Submarine', etc. It was bright, it was fresh, and it had all the constituents for lasting memorability.

At a guess, I would say that both these projects enjoyed approximately the same production budgets. So I am not being unfair in making the comparison. Neither am I being one-sided by ignoring the enormously different markets that each is aiming at. Let's look at it in basic terms.

If one were to judge purely on the merits of implied authority and responsibility as individually projected by these two companies, I wouldn't mind betting that most people would rather fly with Radio Rentals. It's a classic example of how to let the side down in public. Of how a farcical idea gains respectability by having enormous sums of money poured into it. What am I telling you? Just this.

In Sky work, by all means be innovative and imaginative. But don't be preposterous, eh? POGTOR, / HAVE 17115 AWFUL FEAR OF TURNING INTO ' COPYWRITER 11 Almost final analysis In this chapter, I shall do no more than reinforce some of the points already discussed and tidy up the loose ends. I rather hope you will read, learn and inwardly digest the following on the grounds that it represents what I see to be the fundamentals of advertising. If you value my opinion at all (though I'm perfectly willing to consider arguments about why you shouldn't - just so long as your letters are accompanied by the equally valid arguement of a crisp tenner), you'll do so with some avidity.

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