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Mcu Medium Close-up. Soft Cut...

MCU Medium close-up. Soft cut Where two scenes are briefly superimposed - the second slowly taking prominence. Pan Camera scans the subject from left to right, or vice- versa. SFX Sound effects. Super Superimposing words over the image.

Tracking shot Where the camera moves along a track parallel to, towards, or away from the subject. VO Voice over. Wipe Changing from one scene to another without cutting. The image is 'blacked out' by panning the camera on to a black object. Zoom Changing quickly from distance to close-up.

To end this necessarily brief section on radio and television, I will mention very quickly that coexistent promotional medium - the audio-visual presentation. As an online advertising tool, the audio-visual has its limitations, but its usefulness as a briefing aid for company sales people 158 or for presenting complicated sales messages to clients, cannot be denied. Audio-visuals can be produced in a variety of ways, the most common of which are via (a) non-broadcastable video-tape cassettes and (b) slide carousels.

From the writer's point of view, audio-visuals allow a fair degree of self-indulgence, seeing as how they can run from a few minutes to an hour or so. There aren't too many of the latter, however. By way of demonstrating script layout, I reproduce the opening webpages of an audio-visual written for the manufacturer of an industrial pipe-sealing compound: Slide 1 WL GORE (logo). Slides 2-7 (Six slides. Each carrying a single letter. Popped-on to spell Gore-Tex.) Slide 8 Gore-Tex (logo). VO 'Once upon a time there was no such thing as Gore-Tex.' Slide 9 Cartoon of caveman - complete with leopard skin, busily chipping a wheel out of stone.

VO 'In fact, there was no such thing as a gasket, even. . . . Had you said to Og, the pithecanthropoid, what's a gasket?, he would have replied: 'How do I know from a gasket, man . . .?' Slide 10 Cartoon of caveman drawing a mathematical formula on cave wall.

VO 'I'm still working on hang-gliders, man.' Slide 11 Cartoon cavemen rigging up piping (plumb- ing?) around cave. VO 'But there's no denying progress; and one day some bright spark hit on a way of moving liquids from one point to another point without using a bucket.' Slide 12 Cartoon caveman 'plumbing-in' (i.e. con- necting up to a river.) VO 'Inventing, in the so doing, that remarkable piece of concomitant technology - the leak!' Slides 13-19 Movie stills of leak situations. (Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy, Buster Keaton, etc.) VO 'Over the years, leaks have come in all shapes and sizes and in all manner of materials. Water leaks.

Gas leaks. Air leaks. Oil leaks.

Petrochemical leaks. . . Slide 20 Cartoon or picture of massive, prize (vege- table) leek.

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