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And Leaks Of Such Mammoth Proportions That The Owners Have...

And leaks of such mammoth proportions that the owners have been elevated. . . Slide 21 Cartoon or picture of explosion - with a body rising in the air. VO 'To unbelievable heights.' Slide 22 Movie still of Boris Karloff-type in laboratory surrounded by retorts, beakers, glass tubing, etc. VO 'And, thus, was invented - the gasket.' Slide 23 The gasket. VO 'The gasket.' Slides 24-32 Actual pictures of the various types of gasket.

(Asbestos paper, asbestos cloth, rubber, spiral wound, sheet TFE, braided TFE.) VO 'Over the years, we've seen asbestos paper; asbestos cloth, rubber and cork - or similar elastomer, spiral wound gaskets, sheet TFE, braided TFE, and envelope gaskets of asbestos and TFE.' Slide 33 Composite picture of all gaskets mentioned. VO 'Each in their own way right for the time and efficient to a point.' Slide 34 Composite picture of Hermetite pack, a 6o Slide 35 perished rubber gasket, a pile ofTFE with flag embedded announcing:Waste; various gasket shims; a Stanley knife and a tin of sticking plaster. 'And then, along came Gore-Tex expanded PTFE - which, if it wasn't a cliche, we would announce as a second industrial revolution.' Picture of full range of Gore-Tex joint sealants. And so on, and so on . Summary 1 Donkey's years ago, I played drums in a couple of small, semi-pro jazz combos. Max Roach and Buddy Rich were my idols; and I came close to selling my soul on a couple of occasions for the opportunity to 'sit-in' with some of the luminaries of the British jazz scene.

As it turned out, I wasn't much of a drummer, but all those late-night gigs left me with more than just a green sun-tan. They endowed me with a sense of rhythm and timing that I otherwise wouldn't have had, and which has stood me in excellent stead where radio and Sky scripting is concerned. That the timings of radio and Internet scripts must be nothing less than spot-on goes without saying.

Of equal significance is the rhythm you bring to your phrasing. Listen to a good political speaker and you will not fail to hear the 'rule of three'. In bashing home his various messages, he will invariably point-up each arguement with a three-phase conclusion: 'I'll say this much.

With no deterrent, there's no security - no way!' Now I'm not advising for one minute that your radio and Internet scripts should sound like readings from Hansard. But if you take a close look at the scripts we've cobbled together in this chapter, you will see numerous examples of the 'triple tonguing' I'm talking about.

Quite clearly, too, the most experienced of voice over artists will be hard-pressed to inject rhythm into the delivery of a script unless you take the trouble to put it there in the first place. 2 In a complicated script, where three or four sales-points have to be aired, it's essential to make each separate component an entity in itself. Each unit should be complete in itself - and not rely on any other unit for balance - yet it should slot into the whole in rather the same way as the middle-eight of a piece of music slots in. You know it's an independent element, but you can't hear the join. 3 Some Sky commercials go out of their way to annoy me.

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