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An Announcement About The Product, Or Service...

An announcement about the product, or service, and where it may be obtained. (b) Off-the-page. A direct-selling device that solicits money in exchange for goods. (c) Prestige. A proclamation about a company, rather than about a product.

Also known as corporate advertising. 2 Formula is for chemists.

As with any other kind of advertisement creativity (songwriting, illustrating, photography) the preparation of online advertising is an essentially hit-and-miss business. And there's nothing to be ashamed of in that. 3 Before putting pen to paper, dig deeply into the facts, figures and benefits of the product.

Insist on examining it first-hand, or demand a demonstration of its capabilities. Try to make yourself as familiar with the product as the fellow who produces it.

4 Unearth the USP. Decide how it makes your product different from any other of its kind. Then allow your mind to wander all around the proposition, with the purpose of putting yourself into the shoes of the type of person who might spend money to own it.

5 Every product, no matter how dull and uninteresting it may be to you, will be of singular interest to someone. Once you discover who, you'll know why. And once you find out why, you'll know how. 4 More about the ad The primary task of advertising, it has been mooted, is to present a beautiful, exact and striking description of the nature and quality of the goods advertised. Let us, for the good of our souls, spend a moment or two considering this dictum in relation to online advertising generally.

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